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Acclaim for

Our Team

Praise for The

Gaia Chronicles

ASTRA: Visual Theatre will be adapted from Naomi Foyle’s eco-science fantasy quartet The Gaia Chronicles, published by Jo Fletcher Books (Quercus).  Below are some reviews for the book series.

“Thoroughly engrossing, with great edge and energy, full of gritty detail and fierce, intelligent characters. It has the joy of an adventure story and the weight of myth, as crafted by a true storyteller.
—Bidisha, Broadcaster & Journalist

“Foyle has built a fascinating portrait, often reminiscent of Ursula K. Le Guin in its layered complexity, and threaded into a fascinating coming of age story. Gripping”
—Love Reading

“A beguiling and absorbing sci-fi/fantasy novel set in a post-apocalyptic eco-utopia . . . It also happens to be an uplifting celebration of bodily diversity and an illustration of the ‘social model’ of disability in action.’ “
—Hannah Thompson, Blind Spot

“It’s hard-hitting, but it’s poignant and incredibly thought-provoking . . . Naomi Foyle has a mastery of plotting and a way with words that’s truly remarkable”
—Over the Effing Rainbow

“A complex and daring literary story”

“I enjoyed Astra immensely. The novel’s plot is fascinating . . . all of it set down in Foyle’s smooth and flowing writing style”
—A Fantastical Librarian

“This ambitious, thought-provoking take on a dystopian future paints a depressingly credible picture of environmental collapse . . . as events go hurtling towards the book’s dramatic conclusion, I couldn’t put it down”
—Brain Fluff

“This is excellent Science Fiction and I heartily recommend it . . . reminiscent of LeGuin”
—Birmingham Science Fiction Group

“I am impressed at Naomi Foyle’s insight into disability and impairment…All of the book’s disabled characters are true and real, and I hope that Rook Song might be received as a rallying call for disabled people, showing that strength can be found together. We do this already obviously, and are in fact one of the most connected global communities, but it is great to see how Naomi Foyle has applied her knowledge of our current activism to her amazingly complex novel.”
—Mik Scarlet, Broadcaster and Access & Inclusion Expert

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Images of Raven Kaliana's shadow puppetry and animation including marionettes of two children, hand puppets of two deer, shadow puppets of a goat climbing a mountain and a mother and child inside a lantern.

Praise for Raven Kaliana's Visual Theatre Work

“Full marks for audacity, and for a passionate commitment to righting a societal wrong.”
—Brian Logan, Time Out

“When people talk about art changing lives, I think Raven Kaliana’s work is the kind of thing they mean…ingenious staging…A fascinating, artful and thoughtful production”
—Hannah Chutzpah, Bad Reputation

“Very, very powerful…An incredibly moving piece of theatre. Theatre ought to be somewhere you examine what happens in society.
—Peter Glanville, Artistic Director, Little Angel Theatre

The images are from some of Raven Kaliana’s previous theatre pieces.

Praise for the Zoom showing of White Pariahs: Quiet Rebels by Hassan Mahamdallie

“Wonderful textures, I was transported, ethereal but real point in time. The interplay of BSL[British Sign Language] positioning was too good. It felt dystopian! Yes!”

“So different to watch on this platform, chilling, confronting, well done!”

“Audio describing was on the point…well done”

Two actors from White Pariahs: Quiet Rebels: a young man of African heritage embracing an older white woman.

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