ASTRA: Feedback Request

Thank you for coming to our show! ASTRA is a work-in-progress and we value your feedback in order to help us develop and improve it for future performances.  Please let us know your thoughts by emailing us at   You can answer any/all of the these questions, or just tell us what you think in general.

  • If you had to describe the show in three words, what would they be?
  • ASTRA deals with many serious issues. Which themes/topics are most important to you? (You don’t have to say why.)  What did you think or feel about how those themes (and others) were explored?  Would you like to see any themes approached differently or in more depth?

  • Was it useful to discuss these issues in the Q&A?  Why or why not?
  • ASTRA combines tabletop and shadow puppetry, movement, projections, a vocal actor soundtrack, music, sound & lighting effects, BSL Interpretation and Audio Description (AD) & free catering.  Did you:

      Listen to the AD Intro Notes, available on the website? Y/N     Listen to the AD in the show? Y/N   

      Understand the BSLI?  Y/N          Enjoy the food ? Y/N

  • Of the elements you accessed, which worked best? Did any need improvement in your view?
  • The show was 70 minutes long. Was that the right length? Why or why not? Can you imagine it as a longer show, with a break (or two breaks)?  If so, about how long do you think it should be?
  • Finally, can you tell us a little about yourself? Anything that is relevant to your answers, or that you would like to share.
WEDNESDAY 1ST JUNE 2022, IRONWORKS STUDIOS, BRIGHTON CURATED BY JENNI LEWIN AT URBANFLO CREATIVES. A multimedia theatre production for adults based on Naomi Foyle’s eco-SciFi series The Gaia Chronicles, designed and directed by Raven Kaliana. BSL Interpretation and Audio Description are integrated into this adaptation written and produced by Foyle. ASTRA was followed by a Q&A discussion on the show’s challenging themes, which include racism, disability rights, child abuse and climate crisis. This image shows the British Sign Language Interpreter, a woman of Middle Eastern heritage dressed in gold and black, standing with her hands raised in a peak before a shadow screen depicting a rave. In the crowd of shadow puppets a man waves crutches in the air, and on stage a man in a wheelchair is holding a mic. Behind the shadow screen, three table top puppets, manipulated by puppeteers, dance on a green platform – one a bald young woman, one a young man in shepherd’s clothing, one mysterious figure wearing a hooded cloak. PHOTOGRAPHY BY DIENSEN PAMBEN / @photo_diensen

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