Raven Kaliana, wearing a beaded necklace, beside one of her marionettes.

Raven Kaliana

Lilt and Other Puppets

Raven Kaliana directs, designs, and writes for Puppet (R)Evolution Theatre Company.  Producer of Hooray for Hollywood, a visual theatre performance and award-winning film concerning human trafficking, she has presented the film at the United Nations in Geneva, the Commission on the Status of Women in New York, London Assembly, Oxford University, and New York University. She co-produced, designed and directed Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress, a shadow animation film.  Her play, Love vs Trauma toured to China, Puerto Rico, Greece, and London, Birmingham, and Brighton in the UK.  Artistic residencies have included Artists’ Access to Art Colleges, Little Angel Theatre, and Puppet Centre Trust.

Her work has been chronicled by BBC News, the New York Times, Guardian, Sunday Times, Copenhagen Post, Haaretz, El Nuevo Dia, International Arts Manager, Metro, and Time Out.

Sara Guedes is a Portuguese puppeteer studying on the BA design for performance course at Birmingham City University. Sara’s seamstress skills have garnered awards in the World Skills Championship 2016 and Chocolate Fashion Show in 2012. She utilises her experience in carpentry, costume, and set design for theatre performance involving both puppetry and actors.  She founded and ran O Retalho, a seamstress shop and SG Jewels, were she reuses single-use plastic to make bespoke earrings. 

Sara feels she’s found her voice through puppetry, and seeks new opportunities to explore this art form.

Sara Guedes looking up smiling

Sara Guedes

Astra and Other Puppets

Gun Suen with a wide grin

Gun Suen

Muzi, Peat and Other Puppets

Gun was born and raised in Hong Kong. Company creative actor of Theâtre de la Feuille in Hong Kong, his credits include: I Want Euthanasia, L’Orphelin 2.0, and Papa, toured in over 30 cities in Asia. He was nominated for Best Actor award at The Hong Kong Theatre Libre and Performer of the Year at IATC (HK) Critics Awards in 2018.

Gun is currently based in London, and specializes in physical theatre, mask work and puppetry.

Inexorably drawn to the unknown… Sumayya Si-Tayeb is of mixed North African heritage (Arab and Amazigh), fluent in Moroccan dialect Arabic commonly known as “Darija”, and currently learning other dialects such as Levantine. Passions include linguistics and language learning, social justice, history, all genres of music, arts, playing the piano (badly), classic cartoons and anything that involves being underwater.
Sumayya has BSL Interpreting experience in domains including Islamic Settings, Higher Education, Social justice campaigns, Arts, Technology and Engineering, and Medical settings.
Sumayya Si Tayeb looking upwards as if pondering

Sumayya Si-Tayeb

Istar/British Sign Language Interpreter


Enthusiastic, passionate and dynamic Voice Actress who has recently started in the world of Voice Acting but has plenty of years of experience in Film and Editing. With a variety of accents and different tones of voices to replicate all ages and ethnicities.
Looking forward to see what other challenges arise within the Creative Arts world.

Instagram: sherelle_francis
Link tree:

Sherelle Amah Francis partly obscured by a bush!

Sherelle Amah-Francis

LILT/Audio Describer

Sarah Agha smiling

Sarah Agha


Sarah Agha is an actress, writer and voiceover artist from London.

Her theatre credits include performing in two plays with the Royal Shakespeare Company and more recently in Bitterenders directed by Maxine Peake. She has worked on multiple BBC radio plays and her TV credits include Homeland and Into The Badlands.

Macadie Amoroso gazing out of the picture with a peaceful look

Macadie Amoroso


Macadie Amoroso is an actor, writer, director and graduate of East 15’s Acting & Contemporary Theatre course. She is a member of the National Youth Theatre, and has had recent success in her award-winning solo-show, Blue Beneath My Skin.
Acting credits include: Dead Air (Riverside Studios); Broken English (Bread & Roses Theatre); Blue Beneath My Skin (Bunker Theatre / Corbett Theatre); Much Ado About Nothing (East 15); F Off (NYT / Criterion Theatre); Whither Would You Go? (Harold Pinter Theatre).

Social Media:
Instagram: macadie.amoroso
Twitter: macadie_amoroso
Facebook: macadieamoroso

Asherine chalhie smiling and looking off to the left

Sherine Chalhie


Sherine Chalhie is a British born Irish and Syrian Actress, Writer and Voice Over artist and Producer. Performer and creator of the solo show Hijabi Matters, shortlisted for the Tony Craze Award for her play Secrets of da Syrian Sisters, she is currently adapting Why so Syrian? with her writing partner Fiona Meave Kelly for TV.
Sherine is the founder of Shout About It Productions – creating theatre that breaks down cultural stereotypes and empowers women.

Jamie performs in theatre, one man shows, voice over work, TV and film.

He’s recently voiced one of the lead suspects in the period thriller game Conway; Disappearance at Dahlia View and played an investigative journalist in the film Barun Rai and The House on the Cliff, shown in UK cinemas last year.

He’s currently rehearsing the role of Dr Alfred Salter, an Edwardian doctor and labour politician, for a period film.

Jamie Chrispin smiling

Jamie Chrispin


Cornelia Colman in a sound booth smiling

Cornelia Colman


Hi, I’m Cornelia Colman and I love voice acting! I’ve really enjoyed working with Naomi and Raven on this Multimedia Theatre Production.

Working as a voice actor I get to voice all sorts of things from documentaries, training videos, loads of audiobooks and fun projects like being the voice of Zardusht

Thanks Naomi and Raven and hope to work with you both again soon 🙏🏾 😊

Gabriella grew up a mixed race Comanche, Caucasian, Latina liberal on the Southern Ute reservation in subsidised housing with her autistic father and brother.

She/they made her way to CUNY Hunter in NYC as the first of her family to graduate with a BA She’s been lucky enough to act as a part of The Truth initiative, Reverend Billy’s Church of Stop Shopping, Artistic swap shops for charities, Rebel Arts Radio, and now proudly ASTRA.

INSTA: @Gabriella.Davalos | Twitter: @reallyrustic

Gabriella Davalos looking happy

Gabriella Davalos


Mohsen Ghaffari is a native Iranian stage and screen actor and voiceover artist based in the UK. Recently he played Bottom & Egeus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Australian Shakespeare Company in Kew Gardens. On-screen, he appeared in We Hunt Together, Silent Witness and Civilised for Riff Raff Films.
He is represented by Duygu Basara Voice Over & Acting Agency, one of the most prestigious agencies in the Turkish market.

Insta: Moshen Ghaffari | FB: Mohsen Ghaffari1 | Twitter: Mohsenbroadway

Mohsen Ghaffari smiling

Mohsen Ghaffari


Selwa with a slight smile

Selwa Jghalef


Selwa  (she/her) is a Teacher, actor and writer who began her acting journey 5 years ago.

She trained @ActorsDoorStudio in London and later went on to perform with @Mktb.arts theatre company for 2 years.

She has performed in several Fringe theatres across London and has appeared in short film collaborations. 

Matti Laska is a voice actor / musician / sound designer & artist / actor from London, with a background in music production & sound design, Matti is a naturally artistic and creatively minded individual who has over the years branched out to hone more of the crafts that drive and sustain him.

Matti can be seen in upcoming series on HBO & Netflix, heard on Spotify as FutureBlues & Wednesday’s Child, and youtube as 9to5Devil…

Matti Laska standing in fromt of a brick wall, which is blured

Matti Laska


Motaz Malhees

Motaz Malhees with a far away look


Motaz Malhees was born in 1992 in Jenin, Palestine and began acting at the age of nine. He joined The Freedom Theatre Professional Acting School at 16, where he was one of Juliano Mer Khamis students.

Malhees has performed in theatre, film and comedy, all over the world, most recently in the Middle East, Europe, the USA, South East Asia, and Australia. Since graduating from The Freedom Theatre he has gone on to train with internationally renowned directors including Nabil Al- Raee (The Freedom Theatre) and Di Trevis (Royal Shakespeare Company).

Daniel Santos Marques is an actor, writer and musician from London.

He has worked as a supporting artist, featuring in major films and TV shows soon to be released, and has been cast in a number of independent projects.

As a writer he has had several short stories published in online publications, and as a musician he has performed across London and the South, delivering a unique blend of beatboxing, guitar, rapping and singing.

Daniel Santos Marques in semi profile, slightly smiling

Daniel Santos Marques


Susanna Paisio waering a leather jacket

Susanna Paisio


Susanna Paisio is an Italian actress and singer-songwriter. She trained with RADA, LCCM, Sotigui Kouyate, Lindsay Kemp. In 2016 she moved to London and started producing her own songs.
Her main works include La Confèrence des Oiseaux with and by Jean Claude Carrière, Chotto Desh (Akram Khan Company), Una Mendicante Cieca Cantava l’Amore with and by Guido Ceronetti (Piccolo Teatro Milano), and ‘Song of the Earth’, short listed at Sustainable Fringe Practice Award 2014

@susannapaisio on instagram, twitter, fb, tik tok

Susanna Paisio on youtube, linkedin

This is the link to my last music releases:

“I am thrilled about playing the role of Peat in this production. Getting to be part of cool projects is the most rewarding thing as a performer. I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of these in my career so far, such as last year when I got to be the narrative driving singer in a musical about 2001 garage music. Astra is definitely a qualifier!

Reece Raymond looking thoughtfull

Reece Raymond


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