Our Vision

A stunning multimedia theatre production for adults, ASTRA has been inspired by environmental justice movements, and addresses systemic injustice, decolonisation and environmental regeneration. The story demonstrates the compatibility of science and spirituality, and conveys a sense of hope and healing on a personal, collective and planetary level.

Non-Land is a desert region, home to refugees with claims on Is-Land. Click on the green ‘hotspots’ to explore. 

A theatre set with a paving stone stage and a background of lighting effects - a split moon on a blue screen.

The Production

This production will utilise evocative visual theatre techniques to engage hearts, minds and imaginations and provoke conversations about our collective recovery from Covid-19. Themes of psychological control and human bioengineering will be metaphorically represented through masks, models, various forms of puppet animation, and video.  Shadow theatre and innovative lighting effects will invoke a mystical atmosphere, as Astra’s heartfelt connection with nature succeeds in bringing our rogue species into better balance with our ravaged Earth. The final production will involve a diverse cast presenting a narrative journey toward a society that values equality and inclusion.

(Image is from Raven Kaliana’s past work, not from the ASTRA production.)

The Characters

ASTRA features a diverse cast of characters including:

  • Astra – a young girl of mixed heritage coming-of-age in a walled eco-nation
  • Hokma – Astra’s foster mother, who lost an eye in battle and is now a dissident peace activist.
  • Peat – Astra’s foster brother, who happily takes an dose of the ‘Security Elixir’ as a child and becomes a troubled young soldier with superhuman strength and uncontrollable impulses.
  • Lilt ‒ Astra’s mysterious first love, a feral child whose father has taught them uncomfortable truths about Is-Land, and who introduces Astra to the world of the Non-Landers.
  • Samrod – Hokma’s brother, torn between his conscience, his career and his love for the ruthless Clay Odinson.
  • Clay Odinson – Peat’s charismatic and corrupt Commanding Officer, who exploits the passionate loyalty of the ‘Security Generation’ for his own personal gratification.
  • Enki Arakkia – rapper, wheelchair warrior and leader of the Youth Action Collective (YAC), a group of disabled Non-Landers determined to return home to Is-Land.
  • Muzi – Astra’s protector in Non-Land, a disabled shepherd who guides his guest through a toxic desert to find a sense of home. 

The production has been cast inclusively, and will also strongly promote diversity by presenting a narrative arc that moves toward a global society based on peace, justice and human rights.

Kadingir is the main refugee camp in Non-Land. Click on the green ‘hotspots’ to explore. 

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