Image shows a puppet of a pensive, dark-skinned child in front of a wild hedge  and a blank sky emblazoned with a mysterious red icon.

Seeking two performers for ASTRA: A Multimedia Theatre Production. Based on Naomi Foyle’s eco-science fiction quartet The Gaia Chronicles, ASTRA is a 70-minute multimedia theatre production for adults, involving screens, puppets and integrated/creative Audio Description/BSLI. Funded by Arts Council England, the University of Chichester and Culture ConneX/Brighton & Hove Pride, the production pays professional rates and includes three Community Forums (live Q&A). Performers will operate several puppets, including table-top puppets representing the following characters:

Performer One:

ASTRA: a spirited and caring girl of seven at the start of the play, Astra is a citizen of Is-Land, a small walled vegan nation in a parallel post-fossil fuel Mesopotamia. Like most Is-Landers, internationals who have settled and regenerated the land after the ‘Dark Times’, she is proud of her country and determined to help defend it from the Non-Landers – people indigenous to the region but now parked in a refugee camp outside Is-Land’s Wall. Of mixed heritage and thinking herself to be descended from the Is-Land ‘Pioneers’, Astra is shocked to learn at the age of 17 that her biological father is a Non-Lander. When her mother is killed, Astra sets out on a perilous quest to find him – and Lilt, her unpredictable non-binary lover.

Performer Two:

PEAT: Astra’s non-biological brother, Peat is a bright young boy of African and European heritage, with dreams of being a lawyer. Also determined to fight the Non-Landers, Peat happily takes Is-Land’s controversial ‘Security Elixir’, and as a result grows into a superstrong and obedient warrior. As an 18-year-old, though, Peat’s new loyalty gene is severely tested, making him vulnerable to the predatory advances of his superior officers.

MUZI:  A young Non-Land shepherd, Muzi helps Astra find her father. Due to the radioactivity in the region, Muzi was born with a small left hand, but though many disabled youths in the refugee camp are demanding justice from Is-Land and the international community, Muzi is a dreamy loner who prefers being with his animals to politics. When his family is threatened, however, he is drawn into the uprising – and into fatal emotional triangles.  

Disabled actors, LGBTQI+ actors, actors of colour and actors with other personal connections to the themes and settings of the show are strongly encouraged to apply. Experience with puppetry is essential, as is Public Liability Insurance. Access Support and travel within the SE will be paid for rehearsals and shows. Auditions will be held on April 13th at a central Brighton venue.  Performers will be required for:

  • one day of voice recording in Brighton between April 25 – May 13 (TBC – flexible)
  • eight full day rehearsals in Chichester in May (May 14/15, 21/22 + 26/27/28 + 31)
  • live sharing in Brighton, for Brighton Fringe (June 1st, 1 – 10pm)
  • live sharing in Brighton, in June (Sun Jun 12th – 1- 10 pm)
  • live sharing in Chichester (July 3rd, morning and afternoon)
  • panel discussions/audience q&a after the live sharings [desirable but not essential]
  • filming to take place during the rehearsals and live sharings

To apply, please send a showreel, a CV stating puppetry experience by Apr 8th to Please also identify any Access Support requirements. We will reply by noon, Apr 11th. For the avoidance of doubt, Access Support, but no other expenses, will be paid for the auditions.

Logos of supporting organisations: Brighton Fringe, urbanflo creative, University of Chichester, Brighton and Hove Pride/Culture ConneX, Arts Council England.

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